What our students say

During the past decades, international students graduates from Shaanxi has high and good appraise to the universities in Shaanxi, here we welcome more and more international students coming to study in Shaanxi.

Let's see what those international students say:

Name: 肖风

From: Kenya

Program: Aeronautical Engineering

Subject: Why Northwestern Polytechnical University?

I want to be a spaceman when I was very young, I came to know thatNWPU is one of the best university in China in this field, that’s why I chose Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Name: 阿木德

From: Pakistan

Program: MBBS

Subject:Teaching quality at Xian Jiaotong University.

I camehere to study Medicine in 6 years ago, the teachers here are really excellent and taught us a lot when we study, internship arranged for students are alsohelpful and make what we learnt in class into practice easily.

Name: 王美丽

From: Canada

Program: Chinese language

Subject: Culture experience at Shaanxi Normal University.

I cameto learn Chinese language in Shanxi because I found that this is really ahistorical city, and guess I could learn a lot about China, when study here,the teachers really helpful and I experience a lot about Chinese culture.

Name: 阿曼

From: Turkmenistan

Program: Petroleum Engineering

Subject: Internship Chance at Xian Shiyou University.

I graduated from Xi’an Shiyou University last year, when I graduated, I was very worried whether I canget a good job or not, at this time, Xi’an Shiyou University gave me really agood chance to get a internship chance at China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation.

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